Energy reliability is vital for each of us as individuals, our communities and the overall economic prosperity and security of our society.  To that end, Reliable Energy Policy supports key tenets in guiding policymakers and informed consumers regarding principled energy policies and choices: 

  1. Energy policies should reflect the long-term best economic interest of the ratepayer, their jobs, and the communities they call home. 
  1. Any energy prescription or mandate, should be subject to periodic evaluation and reflect the evolving and individual economic conditions across the communities of our state. 
  1. There should never be “net job loss” or rate increase pressures, when implementing energy requirements through mandated policies. 
  1. Any energy policy should reflect the dynamic and diverse economic differences among our communities and should never reflect “one size fits all” approaches to energy policy. 
  1. A recognition that energy policies should be created uniquely for each state and the communities that make up those states and never created or driven by outside political entities and/or special interest groups.