Arizonans are being asked to sign a ballot initiative petition, funded by California Billionaire Tom Steyer, which could cause their energy bills to increase by $100 a month and change our constitution forever!

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Arizona already produces the second largest amount of solar energy in America. Learn more about what is already happening in our state AND the truth behind Tom Steyer’s goals!

Questions & Answers

Get the answers to the questions you probably have now…and ask your own. We are here to help you discover the truth of this Tom Steyer petition effort!

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From sharing this page on social media to signing our counter petition to helping us in the real world, the help of thousands of Arizonans will be needed to stop the millions of dollars Tom Steyer will spend to pass this initiative.

“Anyone who is concerned about air pollution, global warming, or simply maintaining cheap and reliable electricity for all Arizona should denounce Steyer’s initiative and demand he withdraw it from the ballot.”

Michael Shellenberger

Environmental policy expert and founder of Environmental Progress

If this passes…

Yearly cost increase per household


Money to be spent on infrastructure which you will have to pay for

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